Company History

Red Lion Bus Company (RLB)- family owned & operated

In 1939, in the small central Pennsylvania town of Red Lion, York County, many area farmers grew tobacco. A bus was used to transport workers to and from the many local cigar-making enterprises. In an age when few people owned cars, potential customers realized the benefits of this type of service and the Red Lion Bus Company was founded. In the early 1940s, the company began transporting students to the Red Lion Schools and has continued to do so all these years.

Meanwhile in 1942, about 60 miles east of Red Lion, George Krapf Jr. of Guthriesville, PA was approached by a local school district to operate and maintain their first ever school bus. As a highly respected, local maintenance operator and business owner within the community, the school district felt there was no one else more qualified to handle the responsibility of transporting their children to various points in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This new enterprise with two school buses became George Krapf Jr. & Sons, Inc. and is now known as the Krapf School Bus Company – the award winning pupil transportation company.

In 2010, nearly 70 years since their founding, Red Lion Bus Company and George Krapf Jr. & Sons, Inc. united. Wanting to retire, the owners of Red Lion sold their business to Krapf confident that excellence in pupil transportation would continue and the “family” atmosphere would remain. With its fleet of 120 school buses, Red Lion Bus serves three York County, Pennsylvania school districts. Our goal with each of the districts is to provide the safest, most reliable and economically sound transportation services available.

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